medium-sweet red wine


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  • Fruit Wines



    • Cuveé of Plum and Cornel Cherry Wine
    • In honor to our son Ferdinand
    • round and very smooth taste
    • perfect for red wine lovers

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  • Fruit Wines

    Sloe Wine


    • very complex aroma with only a touch of residual sugar
    • vintage 2017 and still getting better over time for at least 5 more years
    • one of the “heaviest” fruit wines available
    • perfect for red wine lovers

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  • Rose Hip Wine

    Fruit Wines

    Rose Hip Wine


    • “limited edition” – only a very small amount of this fruit wine was made
    • authentic flavour of rose hip
    • mature with a long finish
    • very unique medium-sweet taste

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  • Fruit Wines

    Elderberry Wine


    • intensive taste with a long finish (comparable to a strong red wine)
    • medium sweetness
    • strong and intensive dark violet colour
    • decent woody taste (‘barrique’), great potential

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  • Sale!

    Sparkling Wines

    Sparkling Apple Elderberry Wine


    • Cuvée of apple and elderberry wine as new sparkling highlight
    • perfect harmony with freshness of apple and the full body taste of elderberry
    • strong and intensive dark violet colour
    • perfect appetizer, best enjoyed with soda!

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  • Fruit Wines

    Plum Wine


    • full taste with quite low sweetness and a very decent touch of wood
    • beautiful violet in the glass, great potential
    • better (and different) than any plum wine you get in a Chinese restaurant 🙂
    • won GOLD at CiderWorld Award 2020!!

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