Raspberry Wine


• typical raspberry taste
• brilliant ruby red colour
• great potential – new vintage 2020!
• low sweetness with balanced acidity – quite different to the wine made from yellow raspberries

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Alcohol: 12.0 %vol
Drinking temperature: 9-14 °C
Volume: 0.375 l     Closure: Glass

Perfect to cheese, red meat or dessert as well as chocolate; ideal as digestif or appetizer.

RaspberriesThe Raspberry

Ingredients / Health:
Much potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, salicylic acid (like in aspirin), pectin, tannins, flavones (dyes).
Raspberries help to lower high blood pressure, lower fever, support liver detoxify, strengthen the walls of very small blood vessels, help in the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa and are good for treatment of anorexia, bladder weakness, nausea, weakness and anaemia. Support bone formation, important for metabolism in the muscles, for all functions in the brain and nerves. Protect cells against cancer.

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