Fruit Wines are something very special. Therefore they are a perfect gift (present)!
Here is our selection of gift boxes with fruit wines. Please order the fruit wines separately. The gift box itself is nearly for free!

Gift Box with 7 Fruit Wine Samples

Fruit Wine Sample Box!
Seven fruit wines according to the current assortment (40ml each). The little bottles are stored in wood wool within the robust cardboard box which is in wood style.

Gift Box “Sun” for 2 Fruit Wines

Gift Box “Sun” for 2 Fruit Wines
Shiny red cardboard with a golden sun. The 2 fruit wine bottles are potected with neutral filling material in this robust box.

Gift Box for 3 Fruit Wines (neutral cardboard)

Neutral Gift Box for 3 Fruit Wines
Neutral natural cardboard box for 3 Fruit Wine Bottles. 3 opening at the front and a handle at the back.
Perfect for any occasion!