Our product line is changing regularly. The current available fruit wines are listed here. Additionally we have gifts/presents and a 7x Sample Set. Visit our shop and simply contact us if you have special requests.

DirndlweinCornel Cherry Wine

Typical authentic taste of cornel cherry with its distinctive acidity, wunderfull red shiny colour.
Nice residual sugar which does not hide its acidity. Great potential.
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MarillenweinApricot Wine

Fantastic sweet wine with marvellous orange colour and great apricot taste.
Won Bronze at the largest fruit wine competition “Drink Outside the Grape 2016”.
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BrombeerweinBlackberry Wine

Medium-sweet wine with stunning taste of blackberries and typical other fruity flavours of red wine like black currant.
Brilliant dark violet colour.
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HimbeerweinRaspberry Wine (red)

A wine which everyone likes :-).
Medium-sweet to sweet, intensive taste of raspberry, fantastic ruby colour.
A wine with depth and long finish.
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Rose Hip WineRose Hip Wine

Limited edition! Unique wine with authentic but not pushy rose hip flavour.
Not a wine everyday but for a special occasion.
Somehow this wine splits its supporters….
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Quince WineQuince Wine

Limitied eidtion! A great sweet dessert wine with complex aroma and nice shiny yellow colour. Even considering that this wine aged for some years it has still a big potential.
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Greengage Wine

Low sweet wine made from violett greengage fruits.
Complex aroma also due to the mixture with some other fruit wines (cuvée), but the wine kept its origin with the nice violett colour.
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Blackcurrant Wine

Medium sweet wine made from blackcurrants. Complex with huge potential. Intensive dark violett color.
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Gelber HimbeerweinYellow Raspberry Wine

Yellow raspberries taste quite like their red relatives, but this wine made out of them is rather different.
It is tangier with its quite high but balanced acidity and has a very intensive aroma.
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Elderberry Wine

Very intensive but not pushy fruit wine, medium-sweet.
Extremly intensive dark violet colour.
Very long “velvety” finish.
Powerful wine.
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ZwetschkenweinPlum Wine

Better than anything you will get in the relevant Asian restaurants 🙂
Clear but not too pushy taste of wood (“barrique style”), medium-sweet. Very complex aroma.
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KirschweinCherry Wine

Clear cherry taste (sweet cherry), sweet wine, great shiny red colour, good potential.
Complex and smooth.
Long direct finish.
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Sour Cherry Wine

Our first dry fruit wine (7gr residual sugar)!
Complex cherry aroma with a brilliant red.
Great potential and a must to try for people who drink normal red wine.
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Pear Wine

Low/medium sweetness with a slight tart note.
Blend (cuvée) with a little bit of quince wine.
Shiny yellow colour.
Perfect drinking age but still a big potential.
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Peach Wine

Fruity wine with exotic flavours (glove). Yellow-orange colour, intensive and strong.
Long complex finish.
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Out first Fruit Wine Cuvee. Made of cornel cherry and plum wine to make a perfect combination. Medium sweetness.
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Nummer 8

Fruit Wine Cuvee made out of 8 different fruit wines. Maximum complexity and huge potential.
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