What are fruit wines?

Fruit wine: Background information, method and what fruit wines are not

Fruit wines are like normal wines but that the fruits used are not grapes.
The alcohol is generated only by fermentation of the fruits; to be more precise by the alcoholic fermentation of the sugars. So no alcohol is added nor distillation takes place. That why fruit wines are no liqueur nor schnapps (grog, hard liqueur).

A very special wine – Usually used as dessert wine

New flavours emerge by the long-term fermentation of the fruit. That’s why the taste of fruit wines is much more complex compared to liqueur. Depending on the fruit the fruit wine keeps the typical character and scents (e.g. raspberry) or completely new flavours occur (e.g. black berry). To better understand this you can compare the taste and smell of grape juice compared to wine. Fermentation results in a beverage with otherwise unknown flavours.

Why wine is made almost only from grapes these days? There are many reasons for that including historical reasons. The grape-vine is very robust and grows on nutrient-poor soil. Grape juice has a very high content of sugar, which is necessary for a high alcohol level and this is enabling a long shelf time. Until the medieval age honey was the only sweetener which was used purely or with fruit to produce wine (mead). The grape is perfect for producing wine mainly because its ratio of sugars and acid. But in comparison with other fruits grapes are not the most aromatic ones!

Our fruit wines are made manually by the use of professional modern wine-cellar technology. The method of wine making is identical to normal wine, but for fruit wines you have to use more ingredients and therefore you have more variables for manufacturing excellent wine. Details to the used fruits: click here.

Our wines ripe typically at least one year before bottling. The bottled wine are also stored in a quaint wine press house with its connected cellar carved in the sand stone earth.

In short: Fruit wines are wines made from anything else then grapes and we are creating completely new taste experiences with them!